How KaJ Labs is taking the initiative to provide reasonably priced software development solutions for our customers.  

With the ever-growing increase of pricing from software development companies for mobile or website app development, KaJ Labs wants to take the initiative to help smaller businesses who just can’t foot the unreasonable price tags. Our low pricing for development solutions may have some consumers second-guessing the quality or ability of our 200+ award-winning designers. We’ve stepped up to combat these guesses with our $1,000 clickable app prototype that will prove otherwise to our customers.

What entails a clickable app prototype?

These clickable prototypes will look and feel exactly like a real mobile app, although they are merely images with clickable fields and little to no coding included. They give our clients a preview of what they can expect from our team of designers at KaJ Labs who want to work diligently to provide superb mobile or website apps. App prototypes are not just essential to see what our team behind your design can do before you make a big leap, but they can prove useful during the design process by:

  • Testing the functionality of forms
  • Developing the necessary wireframe for optimal user experience
  • Give the client the ability to provide feedback through testing
  • Help businesses that need approval for the purchase from boards and executives
  • Look at a variety of options to include in the app without paying for them first
  • Save development time by having a very clear rough draft

Is it important to even have a website or mobile app?

Absolutely. Search Engines started 2019 off by telling all major businesses and eCommerce sellers that their online performance and rankings will be directly affected by their mobile-friendliness moving forward. Couple this with the fact that the majority of online web browsing is done by mobile users is solid enough evidence that your mobile or website application is important. Friendly mobile or website apps have proven to supply businesses with the following:

  • Increased communication with buyers
  • Significantly higher brand recognition
  • More sales conversions

How much should you spend on a mobile or website app?

Due to the increase in need for mobile and website applications over the past few years, software development companies have begun to price gouge their client bases or provide misleading advice in order to get them to sign in to a deal that just isn’t beneficial to them or provides unnecessary features and add-ons they never needed in the first place. How much you should spend entirely depends on the required features your mobile app or website will need.

At KaJ labs we have recently launched a new service +ION Express which allows our customers to select their required features and get an immediate quote with little to no effort. The service will then walk our customers through the project completion process if they are happy with what they see.

It’s easy to understand the appeal of such a quick cost estimate as many software development companies tend to hide behind a veil, wasting their clients time with meetings and discussions only to provide them with a price that leaves them dissatisfied in the end.

+ION Express will give our customers the peace of mind of knowing ahead of time before making a decision. Our $1,000 clickable app prototype additionally will provide the peace of mind to our clients, that they are getting the design they were ultimately looking for, without us wasting their time.

What prompted the development of this new service?

At KaJ Labs our focus is solely on our client’s user experience. We’ve heard numerous complaints within the software development industry and we’ve listened. Clients were asking:

  • How do I get a bigger bang for my buck?
  • How can I choose some features and not others that are unnecessary?
  • Why can’t I know pricing upfront?
  • How will I be able to test the app prior to purchase?
  • For such a low price how do I know the app will come out with the needed quality and performance?

Realizing there was a need for a trusted and upfront provider of software development, KaJ Labs built our new service expecting to see a shift in the consumer opinion of software development companies worldwide. These developers can only go so long by being dishonest or overpriced to customers before someone steps into field and help their unhappy clients, and here at KaJ Labs, we are ahead of the shift, hoping to pick up where these poor developers left off.