When you’re looking for the right eCommerce platform, you might be overwhelmed by the available options. Moreover, if you don’t have any experience with eCommerce at all, you may want to account for the learning curve of adjusting to any particular service. Here I will explain what I think are the benefits of choosing one platform over another. The most common eCommerce platforms that you will come across are Shopify, Magento, and WordPress. Shopify is beginning to dominate the market for its ease of use and deployment, but the other two are similarly promising in what they can offer to you.

First, let’s talk about Shopify. The website itself is extremely popular. The upsides to using Shopify is initial installation and implementation is fairly straightforward. There are countless guides available on the internet. However, one massive drawback is the fact that there are so many third party applications necessary for your shop to scale successfully.

Magento is another popular eCommerce platform with a smaller reach than Shopify. However, some retailers swear by it for many reasons.

To be a bit more in-depth, some external applications and other e-commerce features that you need to account for are as follows:

Scalability – as your shop grows so will demand more services and features. Be sure that whether your customer base is one hundred or one hundred thousand that you will have consulted how scalable the service is to the success of your growth.

Analytics – some people don’t care about knowing the minutiae of success, while others will need to know down to the last metric how their retail business can compare to their competition. Some platforms will include this while others require the installation of third-party analytics in order to perform these analyses.

Site Design – some people just want something up and running right away regardless of how stereotypical or manufactured their site appears whereas some retailers really want to dedicate a good amount of time into site design and experience. Site design is a major aspect of branding, which can make or break your business. Choose wisely. While Shopify, WordPress, and Magento all offer stock websites that require no coding, you may want to invest in a professional developer at some point.