A mobile app can be a phenomenal branding tool, as well as providing a fresh way to capture engaged supporters and reach a wider audience. Apps also provide a new channel to distribute and monetize content in a much more efficient manner.

App development, especially of those of high quality and functional value, can be very expensive to fund. That is why the team at KaJ Labs is granting $2M and their professional services towards the development of a custom built app to a nonprofit organization. We believe nonprofits can benefit immensely from the integration of an app by increasing awareness, engagement and financial support for their important cause.

You may be wondering, however, how truly beneficial an app could be for your specific organization. We have expanded on some of the key beneficiary points that may help you determine if your nonprofit should apply for a chance to win a personalized mobile app through our Apps for a Cause opportunity.

Revenue Generation:

Nonprofits still seek to accumulate direct revenue like a for-profit company through the donation-based model, yet just does not keep all of that revenue. Mobile purchases and donations are becoming increasingly more common with the wide prominence of smartphones and hand held devices. A mobile app can facilitate the process of collecting and tracking donations for your organization, as well as making it much easier to give for your constituents.

Mobile apps also eliminate a significant amount of time and resources needed for recruiting and advertising. New users can discover your organization through the app store just like they would through search engines, online ads or social media. This increases the organization’s visibility and network of financial support, as the app enables individuals to find causes, locate nonprofits, donate, volunteer, and much more—and all very easily from one’s fingertips!

User Acquisition:

A mobile app allows for maximum engagement from users, in which it is virtually effortless for people to interact with your organization whenever and wherever they want. This is extremely beneficial for nonprofits, as the app has the ability to increasingly engage supporters by providing them with as much information, access, and connectivity to fellow users.

This also helps reach a wider audience and attract new supporters, as your organization’s visibility is vastly expanded and these individuals can see the unified community of existing contributors on the platform. This enables, as well as inspires, more users to become volunteers, donors, and advocates.

It is also essential for the success of a nonprofit that contributors feel valued and appreciated. A valuable mobile app can make this acknowledgement and recognition immersive and much more prompt than traditional methods. This enables your organization to continue your partnerships with your supporters, as well as reallocate internal resources more efficiently as a result of the automatic, immediate expression of gratitude.

Enhanced Experience:

Your mobile app should provide something new that your organization’s website cannot do already. That being said, one of the biggest advantages of mobile apps is that they are easy to integrate with social media sites. This enables the sharing and expanded circulation of your organization’s initiative with users of other mobile devices, which helps to gain awareness and support to further advance your mission. Many nonprofits have effectively capitalized on this social aspect of the mobile world by creating programs built around sharing.

These fundraising campaigns empower the current supporters of the charity or cause to get the individuals in their social networks involved. This can be done in a variety of ways, such as donating, participating in an awareness movement (such as the popular, ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ for ALS), downloading an app, or attending an event.

Apps also have the ability to educate users through push technology (alerts, notifications, and publications to a user’s smart phone), as opposed to requiring the user to search and retrieve the information. Push users are able to subscribe to topics specific to their profile and needs, such as being alerted for an upcoming event, volunteer opportunities, or for the release of the most recent newsletter. This continues to engage your supporters by keeping your organization on their radar, prompting and prolonging their participation.