Software development agencies continue to hike up their prices

Every day, there is an increase in the number of mobile users connecting to the web. Search Engine giants like Google have even begun to roll out stricter SEO standards around friendly mobile and website apps, their focus being, user experience. It is becoming more important for businesses who are looking to be successful online to begin developing a pristine mobile experience for their customers.

Software Developers worldwide are taking notice of this increased need and consumers have seen a notable shift in the price for software development. This kind of price gouging is harmful to smaller local businesses who need to make a name for themselves in the growing world of eCommerce.

Professional mobile/website app developers are sometimes pushing price tags upwards of $180,000 for a professionally designed app, although this price could also shift up to $500,000 if you want all the bells and whistles. While larger corporations can justify and handle a price tag of this value, smaller businesses just can not fit this in their shrinking budgets. Even smaller app development companies are offering basic apps starting around $10,000, but this is just still too much for many businesses.

According to The Manifest nearly half of 350 small businesses surveyed said they used in-house staff to develop their mobile apps instead of a professional service because they simply could not afford the service. 30% of small businesses with only one employee said they would probably never build a mobile app. A poorly designed mobile or website app or lack thereof altogether can be detrimental to a company’s brand name and success on search engines.

What does app development provide for small businesses?

Some small business owners believe that the service or product they provide just doesn’t warrant the need for an app and that other tools like social media are enough to interact with customers. Yet, they are not realizing they are missing out on a very essential marketing tool.

App development helps smaller companies by providing:

  1. Brand recognition
  2. Positive impression on the customer for user experience
  3. Higher conversion rates
  4. Communication
  5. Insightful analytics

Not taking advantage of any of these important facets of a properly developed mobile or website application, will leave businesses shut out in a very small and dark sector of their chosen markets.

How do we combat the rising prices?

At this point you’re asking, if app development is so important then how does a small business like mine overcome the gouging prices from software developers? It’s simple.

Understand the features your business requires

Many times, small businesses go in to an app development deal blind. Having little to no knowledge on trending mobile needs and search engine optimization can prove to be a disadvantage when negotiating with software development companies. Not every company requires features like:

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Shopping Carts
  • Rating Systems
  • API Integrations
  • Artificial Intelligence

It’s very easy for software developers to push their clients into unnecessary add-ons or features when their client has little knowledge on what their business requires. This means an increased price tag.

Increase your marketing budget

You need to determine how low is too low. Don’t hire a freelancer or small development company with a too good to be true price tag. You may need a mobile or website application, but one that isn’t user friendly or quality driven will prove to be a downfall for your business. If you’re finding yourself unable to fit development in your budget it might be time to evaluate the funds you’re allocating to your budget.

Did you know that the U.S. Small Business Administration actually recommends that companies with less the 5 million dollars a year in sales, should spend 7 to 8 percent of their gross revenue on online marketing? Consider the need to update your marketing budget.

Hire quality low cost software developers  

Finding them could prove tricky but KaJ Labs is helping our customers by providing reasonably priced mobile and website app solutions. We boast of a team of 200 plus web designers who have won multiple awards within software development. Our prices are significantly lower than our competitors and we have even developed a service called +ION Express that enables anyone to get an immediate quote online by selecting our needed features. +ION Express is also rolling out  $1,000 clickable app prototypes, this kind of low-price tag has yet to be seen in the software development market.