By now most people know there are a lot more cool features with the new IOS 12. Apple released its new iOS 12 product to its customers close to the end of 2018. Apple’s products always make news every year because people always anticipate what new cool features and products they are coming up with next. IOS 12 is one of the best IOS versions yet from Apple because of the new cool things it comes with.

As exciting as it is to listen to Apple unveiling its new products, IOS has become an interesting event too. With each IOS update, means some cool features coming along with it. For example, the new IOS lets users have the capability of group face-timing. People have been asking for this for a long time. Therefore, having the capability of face-timing multiple people at the same time is very exciting and a great way forward in the technology world. People can now have face-time meetings instead of setting up a group meeting the old fashioned way through google. The new IOS also makes the products work in a more efficient and effective way. It helps Apps operate and open up a little more quickly than before. This is a huge step in the right direction because there are way more Apps coming up almost every day. Therefore, being able to use the Apps easily without any disruptions will be a big win for Apple users. Last but not least the biggest win was the introduction of virtual reality in the games. Virtual reality is one of the biggest trends now, being able to play a game on a phone or an iPad that looks almost as real as the actual world is very exciting. There are way more cool things the use of virtual reality is going to create in the App games with the new update.

Apple always tries to stay ahead of the game, and that is exactly what they did with the new IOS 12 update. They just introduced their users to a whole new level of technology to keep them update to date with everything else happening in the world. Apple almost doesn’t need as much publicity to sell their products, but with all the new cool technology they keep coming up with, they just keep the excitement going for their users.