The cost of an App is going to vary depending on a lot of things because each App is going to be different. Therefore, it is hard to say for sure how much an App will cost because it is going to vary based on purpose, platform, and audience. It is hard to know if, for example, a social media App will cost the same as a game App because those are completely two different fields that don’t compare. A social media App might be pricier because it does more for the customers like let them communicate, meet new friends, and post anything interesting in their lives. That type of App that has all those functions will definitely cost a lot more than one that just requires a customer to download and play a game either by themselves or other people. In addition, even game Apps might be hard to have a set price because most of them can do various things. For example, one can be developed for just single play, others might be developed for multi-user plays. Furthermore, more game Apps are becoming more intricate because they can now have 3D and other expensive features. Therefore, it comes down to how much a given person is willing to spend to get the best. Hence it will not be possible to have one set price.

The other thing that makes determining how much an App will cost also depends on the platform itself. Various platforms have different costs for different Apps. For example, the pricing of a social media App on Apple could be different from what Android or any other platform will charge for the same App. Also, within the same platform itself, prices for various Apps vary. For example, the price for a social media App on Apple could be different from that of a gaming App. Hence you can’t really say how much each App will cost because prices might change not only based on what each platform charges, but also based on how people are receptive to given Apps on a given platform. For example, some Apps might be cheaper on Apple because not so many people are using those particular Apps on the Apple platform. However, they could be a lot more expensive on Android because more people are using them on the platform. Functionality might be the same, but the people that use them might be different depending on the type of platform they use.

These are obviously just a few of the things to keep in mind when determining how much an App will cost because they don’t cover everything. The main thing to remember is that each App is different. Therefore, there will be a lot of things that will determine how much each App will cost depending on what type of things the developer is trying to achieve.