Blockchain is a new big technology that is taking over the world. There are so many possibilities that come with Blockchain technology because it is not specific to one part of the world. It is a global movement that anyone has access to as long as they have the means (money and internet mainly). Someone in Asia can buy and have the same value as someone in the U.S. The only thing that matters is the type of Blockchain bought. Block mostly involves the use of cryptocurrencies. People are now able to use cryptocurrencies in any part of the world. Hence the reason why Blockchain is on the big rise and helping E-commerce in general.

The success of Ecommerce revolves around how many people are buying and what they are buying. Therefore, in order for Ecommerce to work, there have to be potential buyers that will sustain the business. In previous years ECommerce in some parts of the world struggled a little bit because they couldn’t be accessed by every customer from all parts of the world. However, with the evolution of Blockchain and its success, Ecommerce has become bigger than ever before. People can now purchase from any part of the world through Blockchain. Hence this will extend the reach to more customers and make more money. In some previous years, some Ecommerce stores could only be accessed if a customer lived in a particular region. However, that isn’t the case anymore because more countries are now accepting Blockchain as a means of trade.

Blockchain came at a good time when E-commerce was on a big rise. Stores like Amazon came into the business and disrupted the whole market. People are now able to shop conveniently on their phone or computer. Who wouldn’t want something as simple as that? I think we all appreciate the simplicity and accessibility E-commerce introduced to our lives. Therefore, Blockchain just empowered E-commerce by extending the reach to some customers they might not have been able to get to. Therefore, businesses are able to reach customers from all parts of the world because Blockchain is very global something a currency like a dollar isn’t.