Cybersecurity is a very important topic in today’s technology world. It is probably one of those topics that will never go away as long as technology continues to evolve. Cybersecurity became an issue when technology started controlling everything we do and touch. Before technology became more advanced, there was no need to worry about who is watching what we are doing and how a certain decision made online can affect our lives in either a positive or negative annotation. At the beginning of technology advancement, the main worry was how safe our passwords were to ensure that no one logs into our various accounts to abuse them in certain type of way.

However, now days the issue of cybersecurity has gotten even bigger because we have to worry about much more than just passwords now. People can now collect different types of data about people. In fact, the advancement in technology has enabled people the opportunity of just collecting information about particular people and being able to identify who they are. It is not about just what we share on the website or Apps, it is how much information we authorize various companies to collect and disclose about us. Some of this information we can’t do much or anything about it. Hence, we will not have a choice in who ends up with our information or how they use it. The most important thing is for companies figuring out how they can protect their potential customers by disclosing what they are collecting and how they are using it. Anyone can now collect data; therefore, it will make people feel safer if they know how information is collected and used.

By companies having full disclosures on how the information is used and collected, cybersecurity might slow down a bit. The problem most companies have is if they disclose what they are doing customers will run away from them. Hence, they end up using people from the “dark web” who pretty much collect and abuse people’s information for their own financial benefits. In the long run as technology advances, the hackers or people from the “dark web” will get better as long as they continue to benefit from the sales of information. Protecting customers should be a top priority for every company to ensure that customers feel safe. Hence any new web design or app development company should always consider protecting customers before anything else.