Cloud migration is not a big topic right now, but in the near future it is going to become one of the technology tools people talk about. It is one of the most intricate technologies that most companies will soon adapt especially social media companies. The idea of being able to save information from a desktop to a cloud is very fascinating, but can be scary at the same time. There a few companies that already use the technology like Apple, which uses iCloud. iCloud is one of the most well known technologies around the world. It is safe to say since Apple products are now popular around the global, most people have been introduced to the idea of iCloud and how it works. Hence, that helps people to have a little bit of knowledge on how the cloud migration works.

Cloud migration is both exciting and scary at the same time. Having that capability of not worrying about losing information because it is saved somewhere on a cloud is very exciting. However, it can also be scary when it comes to safety reasons. For example , when the iCloud hacking happened, it put a lot of fear in people’s lives. Not knowing how safe the cloud is can be very scary and stressful.

If a company really wants to have cloud migration, there are a few things that have to take place like having the space for all the information in the cloud. However, the biggest key focus has to be the security. Cybersecurity for the cloud has to be the bigger focus because the cloud can easily be hacked. Having a smooth transition between the transfer from a computer/device has to be safe, but the cloud itself has to be as safe as possible to ensure customers feel safe about their information. People always have fear when it comes to their information, but the idea of thinking about transporting the information and keeping it on some cloud is very scary on its own. Therefore, before any migration is even planned, the main focus has to be how secure the security system is from both the company and customer perspective.

Cloud migration is pretty soon going to be used by most companies. Therefore, it is necessary for people to educate themselves about it before they get into using it. From the company stand point, it is always important to know the risks involved with cloud migration before even engaging into it in any way.