We’ve all heard Apple’s trademark phrase, “there’s an app for that.” But have you ever found yourself thinking, “There should be an app for that”?

We know you are full of inventive ideas, which is why we have developed a platform for you to transition these ideas into a successful product. The Bootstrapped Up MN workshop series will provide entrepreneurs and founders with the proper support and resources in order to refine ideas and develop a prototype of their design. Over the course of three weekly meetings, participants will collaborate with peers and experts in the field, as well as receive the first-class professional service of KaJ Labs to ensure for the successful product launch straight into the market.

Entrepreneurs, founders, investors and mentors of all experience levels are invited to participate. For a small entrance fee, participants will work together and analyze the logistics and concerns of the product’s operational, developmental, and business aspects. Each week is broken down into a different phase of development.

1. Define: Roadmap session to define the core concept

2. Brainstorm and evaluate the best way to accomplish the goal

3. Prototype: KaJ Labs will build a prototype of the design for its direct launch into the market


Participants are also invited to the Super Concept Contest the following week after the meet-up workshop series. Participants in this contest will showcase their finalized prototypes to a panel of judges for the chance of winning $50,000 for the development of an iOS/ Android MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


To find more information or register to attend, please click here.